Welcome to Savvy Tax PlanningSM

My name is Sean Bailey, Editor in Chief for Horsesmouth. I, along with Debra Taylor and Jeffrey Levine, am excited to bring you this critical program with information and strategies for helping your clients craft a tax plan for retirement. Too many retirees are losing money because they don’t have a good tax plan ahead of time.

This program will allow you to position yourself as a “distribution expert” who can capably guide clients through retirement. The “accumulation phase” is the easy part. Now baby boomers want advice and guidance on how to draw down their assets in the best way. You can do that with Savvy Tax Planning.

The full program is coming in January, 2019. But until then, take full advantage of the New Tax Law Briefing program. Present to the public, then bring them in for meetings. They’ll be grateful you did.

Happy planning,

Sean Bailey

Sean M. Bailey
Editor in Chief,

Debra Taylor

Debra Taylor

Jeffrey Levine

Jeffrey Levine

If you’re not a subscriber, learn more at horsesmouth.com/savvytax